tipping point by gr4y-inu

Fuji X100 London by Ares T

Anna O.Cold room

Friday,April 8,2014

Been out of tumblr for a while.I miss all posts and stuff and I was busy with my other tumblr(which i prefer to remain uknown).I will be more active in near future.
Listening to some good music as open window constantly whispers sounds of winds into my ear.I miss her.Who?I don’t know.It’s been difficult time for past few years for everything and somehow I did overcome all things,but some remain unsolved.While I was growing older my mind was unexpectedly getting confused,making my thoughts my own prison of no escape.Sentenced not on death.But even worse….Life.

I was trying not to make a great deal about small stuff and I failed.Now I am outcast and all other people enjoy their everyday things.It hurts how some ordinary things can be so strange and unfamiliar.Obscure visions comes to me in hope that I will get rid of a burden.It’s wrong,but I am the one to make it right.The weak one,uninspired and worthless….tries to make a change for him self in this corrupt world.I lived enough to question my self am I strong person for not committing things that should be or I am tired of it all,accepting it and leaving it be?….Chapter is open.


Forbidden Apple by muratgul

Mindflayer by Anthony JonesRobotpencil (link)/his tumblr (link)